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Effective Pay Per Click marketing requires in-depth management that includes strategies, analysis, and expert hands-on bid oversight on a regular basis. Our experience shows that those who begin do-it-yourself campaigns can waste thousands of dollars before they retain our management services; or, they waste staff time that could be better spent elsewhere.


Quote from a satisfied client: “I am so glad you are there for us. I used to get so diffused from sales from having to deal with this that we’d lose over 30% of our business as a result.”
Sales manager, Sean Graham.


PayPerClick4u.com provides experienced, in-depth management service for both Google AdWords and MSN paid search. We work with each business on an individualized basis, carefully seeking to understand your business and what it will take to bring the desired results. We regularly do analysis and reporting on results.

Account Manager Nancy Houtz has been managing AdWords accounts for businesses since 2002 and has been a qualified Google Advertising Professional.

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