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Why It Pays to Use Our Pay Per Click Management Services

Can guide clients in AdWords program upgrades that may be suitable such as:

  • Mobile ads that click to phone number in ad
  • Display ads with or without graphics
  • Geographical targeting
  • Conversion optimizer
  • Multiple conversion tracking

  • We provide a keyword analysis to give you a ball park idea of what Pay Per Click will cost. This list is continually undergoing refinement and enlargement.

    We create ads and continually split test new ads for improving results.

    Before activating a Search Engine account, we will establish your maximum monthly budget and reach agreement on which Search Engines and programs to use.

    We then open the account(s) and enter keywords and ads, placing the desired bids to meet your objectives.

    We report results to you often during the first few weeks, and and at least monthly thereafter.

    We make on-going bid adjustments as often as needed, which could be twice weekely up to twice daily. We continually seek new keywords to increase traffic at reduced cost per click (CPC).



    Our pre-set fees start at $100 per month for smaller organizations, and upward in increments for larger accounts, depending upon the number of websites, keywords, and how competitve bidding is. Once established, any change in the fee is by mutual agreement.

    We offer a full refund of your first month's fee if you are not satisfied with our service.

    Contact us today to request more information for your particular business.



    Product: Are the products or service you offer something people are looking for?
    Pay Per Click marketing cannot bring people unless they are first
    searching. We can help you determine this by available resources.

    Presentation: Your website must be professional and appealing to the first time visitor.
    Does it clearly describe the product or service?
    Does it make the cost easy to find?
    Does it provide a non-threatening method for the visitor to either make a
    Purchase OR to sign up for more information, a newsletter, etc.?
    (It is proven that few will return to the site if they don’t respond in some
    way on their first visit – You’ve wasted the cost of a click if you don’t get
    them to sign up for something.)

    Pricing: Are your prices competitive? Do you have special offers? What about
    shipping and handling?

    Profit: How much is your profit margin? If your product has very little, then the
    cost of bringing visitors to your website could eat that up and even cost you if the market is competitive and bids are high.

    Professional management service:
    Someone who works ONLY with this form of marketing has the
    experience and expertise to establish campaigns that will help bring you
    the most buyers looking for what you have to sell at the lowest possible

    Pay Per Click search engine marketing is a valuable tool, but it isn’t a sure thing unless these features exist. Contact us for more information, and we can provide a website analysis for you as well.



    Sorry, Services Not Provided For:
    To avoid conflict of interest, PayPerClick4u.com will not accept a new client whose business is a competing business with a current client where search terms would be the same.
    We also will not provide service for a website with adult only content or any other objectionable material that is in poor taste.

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